Sunday, August 24, 2008

At A Supposedly Historical Moment

Today I arrived in Denver for the start of the Democratic National Convention. The nonprofit I work for, One Economy, has a media site called The site is a place for young people to get involved, connected and have a platform for their thoughts and ideas. Our goal is to help young people begin a conversation that leads to both personal and community change.

Under the very creative and able hands of Mohammed Bilal, the Managing Editor of 247, we have launched a campaign called "If I Were President". Working with GOOD Magazine, Rock the Vote and others we have both celebrities as well as over a hundred (and growing)young people finishing the simple statement of "If I was President I would..." The responses are funny (see Mos Def's outtakes), interesting, clever and powerful.

The campaign, which will be officially launching in September through the elections have led us to come to Denver, and then Minneapolis after that to get at the heart of what it means to the leader of the United States.

I have never been to a convention, but I am hoping to meet interesting folks, be inspired and get to see how a democracy works at its most flamboyant. Everyday I will write a dispatch of what I saw, heard and did (or what was did to me...lots of security here). I also have signed up a Twitter account to keep those that are interested in what happens every second, but also as a way to take mobile notes along the way.

Up early tomorrow to pick up my press credentials and off to the Show!

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