Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tag Your It: Mobile My Existence

Everybody is talking mobile platform as alternative methods of reaching low-income populations. In a previous post, To Innovate or Not To Innovate, I talked about how advanced cell phone technology is being distributed by rapid replacement cycles. However, for public purpose media content we are ages behind in being clever about the mobile phone world. Largely the best thinking is about alternative distribution of information through opt-in SMS news services...

Perhaps we need to look to the gaming industry, and here is an interesting application: PhoneTag
Elite. I have no idea if it will be successful, but it sounds pretty fun:

PhoneTag Elite™ -- an Exciting New Mobile Adventure

PhoneTag Elite™ is a hi-tech game of tag, played alone or with a group of friends that utilizes the GPS in your mobile phone. Location is key and your mission is to capture your opponent while cleverly outmaneuvering your captor. Using your mobile phone as a navigational aid, you physically move around the streets or parks as displayed on your mobile map as you attempt to capture your target and evade your pursuer.

PhoneTag Elite™ builds both team and community relationships, encourages physical and mental agility, and introduces a new way of playing virtual games from your mobile phone. But, most of all PhoneTag Elite™ is designed to be fun and build community with you and your peers.

Gameplay Modes

PhoneTag Elite™ has two types of game play: standard and team. In both types of play you will be placed onto a map specific to your location. Additionally, you can play PhoneTag Elite™ with a group of friends or you can join an existing game that has players from anywhere across the United States.

Hmmm...what could we do with this? Health tag? Money Tag?

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